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Excellent chemical machinery equipment and system solutions provider
Jiangsu Yongda Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the research and development, design, manufacturing, sales and related technical services of pressure vessels in the fields of basic chemical industry, coal chemical industry, oil refining and petrochemical industry, photovoltaic industry and medicine, forming a non-standard pressure vessel product system based on...
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The company is equipped with the advanced production equipment, and has powerful strength and rich performance in design and production of reactors, heat exchangers, towers and other non-standard equipment.

Professional Research & Development, Technology Piloting

Excellence Comes Out Through Severe Training and Hammering, The Brand is Shaped by Seeking for More Perfection.

Engineering Cases

Especially in the ethylene glycol project, we almost participate in the manufacturing of all the core equipments which are now building or finished at home, such as hydrogenation reactor chamber, carbonylationreaction and etc.


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