Leading the high-end market to write a magnificent chapter

Jiangsu YongdaChemical Machinery CO., Ltd. specializes in the design and manufacturing of A grade and ASME pressure vessels in petroleum and chemical industries. It is located open coastal city-Nantong, which is convenient for water, land and air transportation, and the company is one kilometer both to Nanjing-Nantong Expressway(G40) JiuhuaExist and 204National Highway.

The company engaged in the manufacturing of pressure vessels for nearly 10 years, and in 2009 the original company bought a new area of 140,000 square meters in Nantong. The company has a registered capital of 120,000,000RMB, where the pressure vessel manufacturing shop is 56,000 square meters, and it’s also equipped with Non-destructive examination room, the physicochemical laboratory, Welding rod room ,welding laboratory, sand blasting room and etc. 8000 square meters for stainless steel workshop, 20000 square meters for heavy workshop and with the lifting capacity of 350 tons.

The company employs nearly 380 employees: 45 of them are the engineers and the technicians, 9 of them are working for Non-destructive Examination, 75 of them are the certified weldorsand 19 of them are the inspectors. The company has the production capacity of 35,000 tons per year. It’s equipped with 400 sets of pressure vessel manufacturing and testing equipments, with the maximum lifting capacity is 350 tons.6 sets of bending rolls, with the maximum cold thickness of 120mm,hot thickness of 160mm; bending machine and 12m edge planner; two sets of 6m*20m CNC flame/plasma cutting machine ; one set of 25m×7.2m×7.5m heat treatment furnace; one set for both the 5m/2.5m vertical lathe; one set of high speed CNC drilling machine with 4m×4m effective worktable and 2 power head ;4 sets of strip surfacing machine,18 automatic tube sheet welding machines; 10sets of welding elevator. Metal machining shop equips with various types of equipments for lathe, milling , planning, grinding, and wire cutting.

For years, the company is well-known in this industry and has provided a large number of high-quality products and services in the field of devices used for making methanol, ethylene glycol ,benzene hydrogenation, polypropylene, styrene and hydrogen peroxide. Especially in the ethylene glycol project, we almost participate in the manufacturing of all the core equipments which are now building or finished at home, such as hydrogenation reactor chamber, carbonylationreaction and etc. The company follows the idea of “technical precision and moral realism” and always serve the customers from home and abroad wholeheartedly by adhering to the excellent reputation, excellent product quality and efficient service.