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Professional r & D technology leader

Good tools are pre-requisite to the successful execution of a job, the sophisticated equipment represents a company’s strong production capacity, and provides a strong guarantee for ensuring remarkable product quality.

The company consists of the preparation workshop, metalworking workshop, carbon steel container workshop, stainless steel workshop, heavy-duty shop, special material workshop, it is equipped with good matching production equipment and currently has 2 Lincoln strip surfacing machine imported from America, 8 tube plate full automatic impulse argon are welding machines, 6 bending machines (with the maximum plate-rolling thickness of 160mm),2 sheet shear, 1 bending machine and 12m edge planer respectively, one 5m/2.5m vertical lathe respectively, one high-speed CNC drill press with 4mx4m effective working table, one 5.5x5×20m heat treatment furnace and sandblast device, etc. The total height of main plant of the heavy-duty workshop is 26 meters, with the lifting height up to 14 meters and a maximum lifting capacity of 300 tons, Its inspection and testing means are complete, including NDT equipment, physical and chemical equipment, hydraulic test and air tightness test equipment, etc, as well as the well-equipped welding lab, which can meet the equipment level matching the manufacturing levels, and thereby effectively guarantee the stability of product quality.