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Analysis of coal tar deep processing industry in the first half of the year

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Recently, learned from the data of Zhongyu information, the first half of the coal tar deep processing industry operating rate is 45% on average, down 5% compared with last year. The main lows were in February and April. Affected by THE COVID-19 epidemic, cities were closed all over the country, the shipment of deep-processed products basically stagnated in January and February, and the inventory increased. It was difficult for enterprises to maintain normal operation, and many production cuts or shutdowns were made, leading to a sharp decline in industrial utilization rate. With the improvement of the epidemic situation, in the middle and late March, the number of enterprises returning to work increased, the closure of many places was lifted, the demand rebounded sharply, and the market showed a short-term improvement. Since the middle of April, under the negative impact of crude oil plunging to negative value, the May Day holiday and the industry's loss, the deep processing industry took advantage of the May Day holiday to stop work one after another, digest the inventory, and the industry's operating rate dropped significantly.
In the first half of the year, the average profit of coal tar deep processing industry was -87 yuan/ton, and the whole industry was in deficit. Only in February, due to the decline in the operation rate of coal tar deep processing industry and the sharp drop in raw material prices, the industry was theoretically in a profit state, but in reality, affected by the closure of the city by the epidemic, the delivery was cold and the transaction was limited. From May to June, due to the implementation of policies such as coal production fixing and environmental protection production restriction, the raw material coal tar prices rose sharply. The prices continued to rise for one and a half months, and the downstream product demand was insufficient to keep pace with the rising of raw material prices. As a result, the loss situation intensified. Coal tar deep processing industry in the second half of the year is still unclear.